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Is it Normal for My Air Conditioner to Turn On and Off?

A cause of the air conditioner not working could be a blown fuse . To find out, do a continuity test through a multimeter ( you can buy it here ), and if there is a beep from it, the fuses are fine. If not, you just have to buy new fuses for replacement.

Problems with the starting capacitor
Check for any problems with the starting capacitor. To realize this, listen carefully to the engine: in case of problems, you should hear an intermittent noise. Using the multimeter will take away any doubts about its breakage or not. The resolution obviously consists in replacing the broken piece, buying a spare one.

Before doing this, make sure that the starting capacitor is not simply dirty. In this case, lift the air conditioner cover, clean it, remove any debris and wipe with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

Exhaust gas or refrigerant leak
If you have an air conditioner that starts normally but does not cool or heat the air, the problem would be in the exhaust gas or in a refrigerant leak. Noticing the latter is not difficult, as you just need to pay attention and see if mold spots appear on the wall. Often the two problems coexist, and in both cases the do-it-yourself is not very prudent.

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How to fix an air conditioner that won’t turn on

The air conditioner is a widespread and very useful appliance, especially for people who suffer from the heat in summer. The temperatures in some environments can get to be very high, and having an air conditioner available in the home is a great convenience.

It is not uncommon for an air conditioner to start giving problems, especially after years of use. The causes of a possible malfunction can be various.

So let’s see what is important to check and how to repair an air conditioner that does not turn on.

Causes of the air conditioner not turning on
An air conditioner can fail to turn on for many reasons, sometimes due to malfunctions, but not always. In fact, trivial oversights must first be excluded, such as the use of a remote control without batteries or with batteries inserted but discharged. There could also be a short circuit, or a problem with the main meter, which in summer is overloaded due to the high consumption of electricity.

In general, the problems that are easy to solve and that do not denote any problems are those concerning the remote control and the signal it sends to the air conditioner. Therefore, check that the batteries are inserted and charged, and that you are close to the appliance when it is switched on. A large distance may prevent the remote control signal from arriving correctly.

A blown fuse
Let’s now pass on to describe the causes of an air conditioner failure to turn on due to actual failures. The problem could concern the electronic parts , and in this case it is certainly advisable to contact a technician who knows how to intervene. You must also evaluate the cost of any repairs and whether it is worthwhile to buy a new air conditioner directly. For this eventuality, search among the offers available on Amazon .


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